Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Install EventSentry on a 64 bit Sharepoint server

Scenario: You want to install Eventsentry on a 64 bit server hosting sharepoint. The problem is that the web reports in Eventsentry, in the case of 64 bit, require IIS to run in 32 bit mode, which is not an option an an 64 bit SP install. The approach was to put the web reports on a different server.

  1. Make sure to have an ES config export file as well as an export only including filter packages and an export file for the custom web reports.
  2. Install MySQL as outlined in the ES documentation
  3. Install ODBC driver (wait to configure)
  4. Install ES without DB support and web reports
  5. Run modify wizard and add MySQL support.
  6. From the Management interface, add an db action to test the database.
  7. Configure ODBC System DSN with the eventsentry_svc user. Test if it works
  8. Import the config XML file. Restart the GUI.
    1. Check if everything seems properly done.
      1. In particular, reconfigure the DB action if needed.
  9. Copy the Eventsentry folder under Program Files to the server used for the web reports (use the same place). Set permissions on the folder to only allow admininstrator access (and the System account).
  10. Make sure that Active Server Pages is added in Windows Componenents (Application Server --> Details, Internet Informations Service --> Details, World Wide Web Service --> Details, Check Active Server Pages
  11. On the web server, create a new web site, point it to the copied Eventsentry folder (eventsentry/web).
  12. Add “index.asp” as “document” in the properties for the web site (in IIS).
  13. Check Windows integrated authentication in IIS Manager.
  14. The first time you access the web reports, choose to disable authentication (trust the NTFS permissions).
  15. You propably need to reconfigure the database setting on the Default Profile.