Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Word templates

How word documents and word templates relates to each other.

When a word document is created, it is created from an template, normally the normal template.

It inherits three things:

  • -Styles
  • Content (incl headers)
  • Page settings

These three parts are now copied to the document and the relation between the template and the document is lost.

How to change the template:


Update the document with it’s template’s styles. Tools –> Tempaltes and Add-ins. Tick the Automatically Update Document AStyles. Apply and then untick the box.


No other way den manually copy and paste

Page Settings

As with content.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Give users from different domain local administrator rights

Scenario: You have a trust between two domain and wants the domain admins of the remote domain to have local administrator privileges on the computers in the local domain.

Use GPO: Computer Settings –> Windows Settings –> Security Settings –> Restricted Groups. Add a group named “Administrators” (referring to each computers local group). Under “Members”; add the following accounts and groups:

  • “Administrator” (referring to each computer’s local administrator account).
  • [local domain]\Domain Admins (referring the local domain’s domain admins)
  • [remote domain]\Domain admins (referring to the remote domain’s domain admins.

Important notice: The member you add are exactly the ones that will be member on each computer; existing local exceptions will be overridden.